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Cablebox CLOCKtastrophy…


Ok, I haven’t watched tv in over a year. My ever so generous husband recently decided that the cable/internet/phone service was a luxury my children were undeserving of. So, instead of the service being turned of for a few days then turned back on, this time its turned of for good.

Its not that big of an issue because I’m trying to purge my life, heart and mind of him. All of our bills were in his name which limited my ability to pay the bills (because they are forwarded to his po box) or even know when they were due.

The cancellation of the services is a good thing. It means that’s one less connection to the past that has been severed.

Here’s where the problem lies: I didn’t watch tv, my kids did. I didn’t use the home phone and neither did my children. All of us used the internet connection. No biggie, we get 3g service on our androids. THE PROBLEM IS I NEVER KNOW WHAT THE FLIPPEN TIME IS. The cable company picked up our boxes the other day. Over years and years of the boxes being in the same spot I had trained myself to look to them to check the time. While I’m getting ready for work, peek around the bathroom door to see how late I am VIA THE CLOCK ON THE CABLE BOX. In the middle of the night when I’ve woke up way to soon and often from having a really sucky or scary dream, THANK GOD THE CABLE BOX WAS THERE SHINING THROUGH THE DARK TO LET ME KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER BEFORE MORNING.

This Day…

This day will never happen again…

This is true for everyday. Maybe posting something about the good days will help me remember how blessed my family and myself truely are.
After all, its always easy to remember the crappy days. The key is… to help myself remember, and focus on more of the good days.

May 16, 2011
This day will never happen again…
Today was the first time I worked with my father. It was hard work, but not to hard. It was also very much of a relief that my dad got the contract to do the job. We have both been in need of work for quit some time. Granted, our individual circumstances for being in a “work drought” are vastly different, it matters little when work presents itself.
He’s pretty easy to work for. As a laid back and easy going guy, hard work just doesn’t seem as hard as it could be. More importantly, I had the great fortune to see my dad smile more than he has in a while. He thought he would get me back for all the times I’ve taken pictures of him. Often sneak snapshots of him doing silly stuff, like the day I was fortunate enough to have my camera ready, just in time to catch him doing a dorky dance while leaving the pool house and on the way around the pool to where we were all sitting. He was trying to make us laugh. We did. Then I was able to make him cringe with a sneak snapshot.
So, guess who was the pic taker today….

On the long drive back from pawleys island this is the picture message I got. Ugh, he got me! No, I wasn’t doing a dumb dance, I was doing “BOY” work. Ugh, double ugh. Oh the humility of femininity demished and caught on film. I’m gonna wear extra lipgloss today, lol, to recuperate.

Nobody said it was easy. But no one ever said it would be this hard.

I’m going back to the start

She just dont know what else to do about it.

She gets mad And she starts to cry, She takes a swing man She cant hit! She don’t mean no harm, She just dont know What else to do about it.


Laying in my bed, not doing anything except watching an episode of House and trying to figure out how to get outta work tonight. I hear this little nugget of wisdom:

Time changes everything. That’s what people say. It’s not true. Doing things changes things. Not doing things leaves them exactly as they were. -House


Ok, I’ve been a subscriber to the time changes theory. Its been a year and nothing is changing in a hurry. So….what shall I DO?

I would love some feedback on this post. Anyone with a suggestion is much appreciated.


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3 words that encompass a future…


Different than today.

Craigslist offers Whirlpool Duet Dryer WITCH!

While searching Craigslist this morning for a dryer I happened across this little beauty. http://charleston.craigslist.org/app/2255046265.html . I could be wrong but it appears as though there might be a Witch in that dryer? No wonder why the seller wants to get rid of it. lol. 

Wtf is this…

Just after I published my previous post on it simultaniously being National Employees Appreciation Day and Panic Day I got a surprise video pop-up.

Under the video it said: What do you think of this and also said once I see a video pop-up I would never see it again.

Ummmmm, the panic is setting in, seriously, WTF!

Today is…


Just a thought, today is National Employee Appreciation Day. As wonderful as that is, or at least sounds like it is in theory, it is also… wait for it……. Panic Day! Hmmm, coincidence? I think not. To all you hard working employees out there who may feel the temptation of the National Employee Appreciation Day pulling back to the lounge for an extra slice of cake and coworker banter, you may wanna reconsider as today is also Panic Day. With unemployment rates at all time highs my recommendation would be; go for the smallest sliver of that cake, eat only but half, skip on the coworker holiday banter and back patting and get your overworked, unappreciated yet very replaceable ass back to your desk. “NEAD” is but a mere front for the hidden “NEED” for corporate cutbacks and layoff pink note potentialist. So, last man back to his desk is a rotten egg.

Sometimes… I Cry Until I Can’t BREATHE!


Sometimes… I Cry Until I Can’t BREATHE!

Oh Sheet


Only twenty three. I’m buying TP.

Gotta go see about a J. O. B.


Gotta go see about a J. O. B.

Its time to start gettin paid.

Ok, maybe I’m not so much Greedy as I am Broke. I guess its time I stuff my depression and all the other turmoil from this traumatic experience deep down in my pocket and hope it get lost in the wash. The rinse cycle is usually good for that. I’m gonna look at this as an opportunity to not only make some much needed moolah but also enjoy being around other adults. I love my kids but let be honest, they don’t like me near as much as I would like to think. Updates are sure to follow as this is my first venture into the bartendress scene…btw, I think nows a good time to buy that fancy super padded push up bra I’ve been wanting. I’ll call it an “investment”.