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Today is…


Just a thought, today is National Employee Appreciation Day. As wonderful as that is, or at least sounds like it is in theory, it is also… wait for it……. Panic Day! Hmmm, coincidence? I think not. To all you hard working employees out there who may feel the temptation of the National Employee Appreciation Day pulling back to the lounge for an extra slice of cake and coworker banter, you may wanna reconsider as today is also Panic Day. With unemployment rates at all time highs my recommendation would be; go for the smallest sliver of that cake, eat only but half, skip on the coworker holiday banter and back patting and get your overworked, unappreciated yet very replaceable ass back to your desk. “NEAD” is but a mere front for the hidden “NEED” for corporate cutbacks and layoff pink note potentialist. So, last man back to his desk is a rotten egg.

If you have…


If you have (insert any object) than considered yourself fortunate. My mom told me this a few weeks ago trying to put my current situation into perspective. When I came across this image I figured I would share it with the rest of the world.