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Perceived Privacy

Perceived Privacy

Over the past year I’ve followed a blog called Raptitude. David, the author of the blog, publishes a new article on the average of about 1 every week or so. Almost as soon as he posts a new article I’ve found myself eagerly waiting with anticipation for his next bit of genius to post to my Pulse reader. I have a few favorites that really resonated with me. Some have even changed the way I tend to view and even interact with the world. I will add links to my favorite Raptitude articles at the end of this post for anyone interested.

Today I was pleased to find my Pulse reader had a new Raptitude article, of which I quickly devoured every word. It is again an article that delivers insight and perspective on the day to day happenings of a large part of the human race that is an interesting perspective to say the least. I hope you read it as well as take some time to dig around the Raptitude website, as there is sure to be something that everyone can relate to and enjoy reading.


You are a public figure

New Year’s Eve, for the first time, I had an alarming moment when I realized spaceships really were watching me through the ceiling. They knew where I was in the house. I was troubled by it and said so to my friend, but by midnight I forgot, and felt much better.

Rewind a week or two. I was taking adorable pictures of my toddler nephew typing on his grandmother’s iPad, when I had one of those bewildering, revelatory moments.

I realized I was photographing a member of the first generation that will be able to revisit its entire life in sparkling, high resolution. Between me, his parents and his grandmother, there are easily more photos of him than there have been days in his life.

His brother is six months now. In 2081, when they’re both old men, they’ll be able to access their childhood in extraordinary detail. They’ll see their first Christmases, their first bike rides, their graduations and wedding days all in high resolution images and HD video, and it might seem strange to them that previous generations did not have much access at all to their pasts, aside from memories and a few grainy photographs.

Contrast that with my father, (1947-2008) of whom I’ve only seen one or two pictures of as a child. In those pictures he’s someone I don’t know. He has a smooth sepia face that could belong to just about anyone except my dad. He wore a moustache from the day I was born to the day he died and I couldn’t recognize my father in any other face.

The kids born after about 2007 constitute the first generation that’s younger than Facebook. Today, it’s fairly normal for human beings make their first appearance on the internet when they are less than a week old. Think of how many newborn photos you’ve seen posted by your Facebook friends this last year.

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David also sites this article  which was written by a fellow wordpresser about 4 years ago. What then seemed kinda Jetsons-esque then, now is very close to reality. Interesting.

Here are some of my favorite Raptitude articles:

What we refer to as happiness is really just what the absence of suffering feels like.


Defeated, I stood on the mat and let the cold air flood over me. I watched the ice fog pour over the sill like freezing smoke. I just let it have its way with me. I didn’t get mad at it, I didn’t shiver or scramble to dry off. I just let it feel like whatever it was going to feel like, and noticed something peculiar.

It didn’t hurt me.

Life is uncertain by its very nature.  Except for this:No matter what is happening right now,
It will never happen again.

Why should *I* be forced to help someone else?

Here’s why:

Because you’re better off if other people aren’t suffering so much.

life is the present only. The past is thoughts in the present. The future is thoughts in the present. You can argue all you want that the past “existed”, but the notion of something having existed is also just a thought in the present.



Nobody said it was easy. But no one ever said it would be this hard.

I’m going back to the start

“Google flips Android kill switch, destroys a batch of malicious apps”

Android Market

Image via Wikipedia

Google flips Android kill switch, destroys a batch of malicious apps

By Sean Hollister posted Mar 6th 2011 1:19PM

When 21 rogue apps started siphoning off identifying information from Android phones and installing security holes, Google yanked the lot from Android Market, and called the authorities to boot. But what of the 50,000 copies already downloaded by unwitting users? That’s what Google’s dealing with this week, by utilizing Android’s remote kill switch to delete them over the air. But that’s not all, because this time the company isn’t just removing offending packages, but also installing new code. The “Android Market Security Tool March 2011” will be remotely added to affected handsets to undo the exploit and keep it from sending your data out, as well as make you wonder just how much remote control Google has over our phones. Yes, we welcome our new Search Engine overlords and all that, so long as they’ve got our best interests at heart, but there’s a certain irony in Google removing a backdoor exploit by using a backdoor of its own — even one that (in this case) will email you to report what it’s done.


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Straight Thuggin’?

So, after somewhat of an eventful evening at the bar I’ve decided that the phrase “Straight Thuggin” shall no longer be used to proclaim how “Hard” I am. When I think “Thug”, the image that comes to mind is usually something similar to the one to the left. And just to be clear, this is the very first image that a goog search on the phrase Straight Thuggin’ produced. It was also the only one of its kind out of the first 15 pages I combed through.

Note: The above image linked to a website called Thuglaws.com which features categories including Code of Thug Life, Thug Dress Code and my personal favorite, How to tell if you a snitch. The link for the website is listed below for your viewing pleasure.

Exhibit A)


My intention was to come home and write a quick lil blog post about the shooting that occurred outside of the unquestionably low-key and predominantly white middle class bar that I work at.

Obviously this is not the post you will be reading. Instead I’m writing about how I can’t possibly associate the phrase that I once held so dear to my faux gangsta heart with the previous meaning. Why? Well, I did a goog search on the term “Straight Thuggin” to find a suitable image to illustrate my “Hardness” and was shocked to find how far from reality my perception is. So far in fact that it called to mind the character B-Rad from the movie Malibu’s Most wanted.


Below is a link to the video clip from the movie. Its hilarious.


The rest of the results where as follows:

Exhibit B)

A goog image search yielded 15 pages of nerdy teenage white kids. I’ve added a couple of images from that search.  




Exhibit C)  


straight thuggin  
Fresh without a doubt. Unquestionable ballin. Just plain awesome.
Dude your whole outfit matches. You are so straight thuggin right now.

Is it just me or does the Urban dictionary definition reminiscent of The Fresh Prince of Bellaire, which was anything but Straight Thuggin’.  

Exhibit D)


 I assure you, the music 2 Bit Thugs is anything but Thuggish. However, I’ve added the link for you to decide for yourself.


You be the judge.