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Bravery is Beautiful

The image above is the property of The Star Online

Check out this astounding young ladys blog. Her story is heartbreaking. Her bravery is remarkable and her resolve to inspire change is heroic.


She is a warrior in my opinion, fighting to bring awareness to an epidemic of injustices suffered by children across the world. She fights not with her fists, but her body, in beautiful dance. A dance to bring awareness to the problem of childhood sexual assault. My message to her is to stay strong. You have an amazing opportunity to inspire change and bring awareness. Who knows how many young lives will be changed for the better through your stories and sharing your dance. Though I’ve never met her, I feel a strong bond forged by similar stories we’ve endured. She’s a warrior for the young and innocent. I admire her strength and send her much love and respect.

You can also read more about her mission and her story from The Star Online.


Nobody said it was easy. But no one ever said it would be this hard.

I’m going back to the start

Beer Bottle Caps Wanted

I am increasing aware of how difficult it’s gonna be to save the amount of beer bottle caps it will take to make the pixel picture art I want to make.

This is an official SOS (send out supplies) call for help. If anyone, anywhere happens to have a stash, be it small or super size, that they’d be willing to part with, your donatation would be put to good use. Not to mention that I would also be forever grateful of your generosity. SO PLEASE, ANYONE AND EVERYONE…SEND ME YOUR BEER BOTTLE CAPS!

Just comment that you’re interested and I’ll tell ya where to send them : )

Oh, and wish me luck. When I finish the piece I will post pictures and the names of any contributors that helped make it happen. (Any contributions/contributors that wish to remain anonymous will be noted only as anonymous.)




Molly B Right artist.

Jimmy Hendrix


Jimmy Hendrix made of guitar picks

A rainbow of umbrella’s


A rainbow of umbrella’s.

Full Moon over the Parthenon


I love this picture

Block Posters – Create large wall posters from any image for free!


Stamp of Shame, Going Postal.


To add a pretty little postage stamp depicting an image of something naturally delicate and completely at the mercy of the hand of man, in effort to cover the cold steel that in the hand of the man in the image, becomes one of the worlds most deadly inanimate objects is …….

I’m at a loss for the right word at the moment. Please feel free to comment with your own.

Index of /Music/Blues

[Portrait of Leadbelly, National Press Club, W...

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr


Top 6 Sites To Stay Current On Art and Culture — Life Scoop




It’s rare when a photo takes my breath away but, today, this beautiful capture has done just that. Viewed over 48,000 times and favorited over 2,200 times at Flickr, this photo by Reykjavík, Iceland-based graphic designer Vilhjálmur Ingi Vilhjálmsson is undeniably beautiful. After receiving so much attention over it, Vilhjálmsson felt as though he needed to provide its background story. “In 2006, me and my girlfriend were on a vacation in Croatia on the island of Brac,” he says. “We were having a nice day on the beach walking along the coastline when I noticed this girl standing on a rock quite close to the ocean. She stood there and didn’t move and she seemed so lonely. I had fallen some distance behind my girlfriend that was walking ahead of me so I only took this one photo of the girl as I walked by, I never saw her face. I rushed to catch up with my girlfriend and we had walked some distance when I looked back and the girl was still standing there. “A while ago I finally decided what I wanted to do with the photo and the end result is what you see here. I made the picture from the emotion I was getting from it. I put in the black background and the shaft of light and it just felt somehow right that way.”



He’s Toast.


I find this picture more funny than disturbing.

Space painting