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If digital images were tangible: i’d have ‘Goat Paths’

Unwritten Stories…


How many stories in a persons life will forever remain unwritten? How many stories in a persons life will never be, due to fear?

Do not conform


Be transformed



Everything is meaningless. This piece of art is a pretty powerful and thought provoking piece. Obviously inspired by the Ecclesiastes book in the bible. Its message is not limited to Christians, but can be beneficial for all of mankind.

Saturday Night Lights


Saturday Night Lights always seem to be blue and flashing. This picture was taken out the window of my bar after Doucebag-dinner-disaster the other night. I went to the bar to blog and ended up wondering why, for some people, a night out for a few drinks and fun ends up in a bar fight and blue lights. Sucks for them, kinda entertaining for me.

Oh well. Just another Saturday night at a bar.

Update on: Take Me Out…



So, I was taken out to dinner tonight. My awesome parents took me and my youngest child out to dinner. My middle child is staying the night with her bff and my oldest couldn’t be bothered to leave the house for food, he was happier placing his order as a “to go” to be brought back to him so he could complete the 111th hour of straight gaming. Lol. It was nice to go out and enjoy dinner with my parents and daughter.
The picture is one of a moth or butterfly on the outside window of the diner. We saw it when we went outside to smoke. My mom noticed it and had me take an up close picture of it. Then she got the idea for the silence of the lambs esque pic. It wasn’t easy to take the picture because i had to do a partial squat to center it over my mouth in the reflection and the move the camera out of my face so it wouldn’t be in the way.
Long story short, a couple ladies squating, smokin cigarettes, laughing and taking pictures into a restaurant window must look awfully weird to the patrons inside.
Today was a good day.

Agent Starling


The Silence of the Ma’ams

Insurance Salesmen: Fear the Reaper


“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?”

~Woody Allen~

Btw, my husband was an insurance salesman when we first started dating. Lol, where was this ingenious quote then. I sure could have used a bit of Woody Allen wisdom as well as some relationship redirection.

This brings me back to a previous post

The story behind the image:

One crazy and emotion filled night me and my bff were  going through some boxes of my husbands old junk that he never unpacked when we moved into our house. The goal was to sort the junk, trash unecessary crap, condense the keepables and rebox it up labeled.

We get into a pile of some of the stuff he’d kept from his days as an insurance salesman. There where pages and pages and piles of leads (really, why would he keep that crap for 12 years) and pay check stubs.

Then we seen it. Laying there like a treasure of hilarity waiting patiently for the day it would be found and appreciated to the asurdity it was.


We laughed for hours, making up and acting out scenarios in which one would use such a small briefcase. Mocking and laughing at the complete rediculousness of our find.

We still laugh about it when we think about it.

Woody Allen –

The comforts of routine


The comforts of routine are most likely what all species living on this rock strive for. I don’t think brain size plays any role in this commonality that links the multitudes of species. From ants in the forest to uncles in the den, even older brothers who’ll punch till you “say when”.

I dream of the days when routine was bothersome. Nostalgia is often more bitter than sweet.

Jimmy Hendrix


Jimmy Hendrix made of guitar picks

Vaca down south


This pic grabbed my heart for very specific reasons. Those who know me the best know precisely why. I will expound on the reason asap. But really, I’m laughing because its effing hilarious. The “briefcase to suitcase” trade up must have been a welcomed change of pace. This lil Guy could use a Vaca from the daily rat race.

Trust no one


Trust no one.

Bustin ass to miss the mark


I stumbled across this image today and it made me laugh, even if it was at my own expense. I immediately identified with the dog, who appears to be working his ass of to “proudly prove his worth”. He’s showing what he’s learned, and doing it with as much heart as a dog can muster. Blood, sweat and tears got him here, just to realize his error. He’s workin his ass off to jump through the wrong hoop. D’oh!

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So I’ve started using Evernote. I hope its a app that’s worth keeping.

promoted as an app/program in which to use “Evernote” to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use.


A rainbow of umbrella’s


A rainbow of umbrella’s.