GoodPulp: Fathers Fuck up Everything

I love the style of writing by this wordpresser. Its very straight forward, easy to read and sounds kinda like my own inner voice…uncensored.
This blog post struck a chord with me and I figured I would share it. Please check out GoodPulp on wordpress. It will be worth your time.

3 responses to “GoodPulp: Fathers Fuck up Everything

  1. Thanks for the support. It’s always appreciate. Don’t forget to check out the site and facebook for me goodpulpness. Thanks again.


  2. No problem, you’re a good writer and I enjoy reading you posts. 🙂

    • I appreciate that very much – thank you. Check out the site

      The list of short stories goes down the page. Its simple and hopefully you enjoy whatever you decide to read.

      Support and feedback is always appreciated – even if you don’t like it. I’m always up for discussion…or an argument, whatever. Thanks again with all sincerity and keep reading.

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