Its a Small World

Boy, it sure is a small world. I was rereading some of my previous post and when I got to this one:
I noticed something I hadn’t seen when I wrote the post. I added a few pictures that I found on the internet about floating on the edisro. At the time I didn’t pay any attention to who’s pictures they were but while skimming over the post today it jumped out and slapped me in the face.
The article and pictures are from Joan Perry.
Wow, small world is all I can say. Joan Perry is a customer of mine and my husbands. I don’t know if she is still a customer because the business went with my husband but how odd to just stumble across and use her photos and article in one of my posts. I’ve been to her home many times and billed her monthly for years.
Anywho, just thought i’d share that lil tidbit of oddness.


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