No validation required

I don’t ask for praise for my good decisions. I don’t ask for approval of my bad decisions. And I sure as hell don’t ask for understanding when someone has been misinformed. I have never needed, nor will I ever need to be coddled by others.

What I have found interesting is, it always seems that the person who is willing to shamelessy take credit for someone elses achievements is also the person who asks relentlessly for others approval with every sucky ass personal decision they make. Always glossing over their “ugly” with excuses. And not surprisingly they are the first to take a bit of misinformation, light that shit on fire and parade it down the street, often to divert attention away from their own sorry ass character flaws.

I will never ask another for validation of anything I do or say, good or bad, right or wrong. NO VALIDATION REQUIRED.


2 responses to “No validation required

  1. hey there lily :). u sound like someone who has been “taken” from perhaps? credit gone to another? we all have at some point or another for sure. i hope this isn’t hassling u a lot right now. big hugs.

    • Hello again Sana, I think I’m just going through a perticularly rough time as of late. Sadness seems to turn into anger and then into something else altogether. It could be the time of year. Thanks for your comment and please stay in touch.

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