On Depression


Life, from my point of view and probably many of Americans POV, can be a bit of a let down. Depression is a curious thing if you think about it. How is it possible for so many people of priveledge to suffer from such a “woe is me” disorder. Especially for those of us reared in anything other than a third world country, who didn’t have to carry five gallons of tainted water in a dirty ass bucket twenty miles every day. So how is it possible for a whole society of people to be so priveledged and yet so friggen depressed?

I mean really, do people in Liberia suffer depression? Do the Congolese suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder? What about PTSD for that matter? Are the symptoms of such mental disorders experienced only by those who are taught to shoot for the stars? Is it something that, only those who can actually conceive of a better life, suffer from when they realize that that better life is just outta reach? 

Once you realize that all the bullshit we are taught to believe about happiness and success from the day we exit the comforts of the womb where not a guarantee then we are pissed at the world. Yes, we, who for the most part have access to clean, parasite free water are pissed at the entire world. But wait, a feeling of general pissyness isn’t the only thing depression has to offer. There’s always the sadness to keep you company at night whether you are alone or not. Then there’s the overwhelming urge to sleep…sleep…sleep. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that while in a deep depression I need more sleep than a newborn baby. Why? Its not like I’m out running marathons and am overcome with tiredness. It can even make your body feel sore, as if you had run a marathon. The muscle aches are exceptionally puzzling for me.

I don’t doubt that depression is a real, and very disabling disorder. I know for certain it can kick your ass and there’s not to much you can do about it. If I wasn’t so damned depressed, I could probably delve a bit deeper into this.

Maybe next time. As for now, I gotta go get a glass of water so I can take my anti-depressant.


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