If this is what I have to look forward to when it comes to “so called men” than im doomed to a life alone only to wind up some weird cat lady. God save me from this unreal reality made up of spoiled, self centered, lazy douce bags. What the hell is wrong with guys these days. They invite you over for dinner and think that buys them a ticket to ASS. No thanks. I thought an invite to dinner was a request to get to know somebody. And i don’t mean somebody’s member. And if i seem a lil irritated it cause i am irritated. NO ASSHOLES, YOUR STEAK AND SHRIMP DINNER WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH TO TURN ME ON. TRY HAVING SOME CONVERSATION. YES, I SAID CONVERSATION… ALSO KNOWN AS SMALL TALK, CHIT CHAT, SHOOTING THE SHIT JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE GENUINELY CURIOUS ABOUT SOMEONE. WAKE UP DEAD BRAINS.


Frustrated beyond repair

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