Who did I want to be


I’m in a curious spot I’m my life. The question of who I am is not as important as who do I want to be. Better yet, as someone special pointed out to me: “If you don’t know who you are, Remember who you wanted to be”.

I am afforded an opportunity to rewrite my future. The option of the future I wanted has disolved so to be able to go forward I am forced to find a new path. A new me. A new way, and a new way of life. With that comes inevitable change. So, I guess that means, if I’m to go forward I must embrace change.

How much change is required? What aspects of ME must change? What do I want to change, what do I have to change, and what is it I want these changes to look like? How do you find your identity when you’re so lost? Its overwhelming and amazing at the same time.

I guess the best way to go forward is to start by going backward. I need to remember who it was that I wanted to be before I became who I was.


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