Topic #117: Pick something you don’t like, and choose to accept it.

Topic #117:

Pick something you don’t like, and choose to accept it.

Think of something in the world, or about your neighbor or partner, that you don’t particularly like. Now choose to accept it. You don’t have to like it of course, but can you accept it and find something else to focus your energy on?

I hate that I have absolutely zero control over what happens to my house. I have spent a year hyperventilating over the thought of losing it as a result of my husbands crime against my daughter and subsequently the loss of my income, both his and mine. I hate that my husnand has been ordered by the court to bring the mortgage current and keep it current by paying the note monthly until family court and he hasn’t. I hate that my house is in foreclosure and my children will be forced to suffer another loss and stress in there lives. I hate that my children will likely have to change schools and move away from friendships that have been atleast one source of stability and sameness for them through all of the trauma and change they are already suffering through. It makes me nauseated, but its also 100% out of my control.


I will choose to accept it. What ever the result may be, I accept. I don’t have the energy to cry over it any more. I’m gonna use the energy saved and focus it on being the HAPPY mom I once was and want to be again for my children. I’ve always said “I’d rather live happily in a shack than miserably in a mansion”. I imagine the same is true for them to. I can’t control the situation with the house, but I sure can Foster a happy environment regardless of where we live.

Bonus: Can we choose what we accept and what we don’t? What determines why? How do we know if accepting a truth about the universe (e.g. that we will die) is healthy for us, or condoning something we could possibly change if we refused to accept?


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