I submitted my request to join the Parents helping Parents forum.

I’m the mother of 3 children. a son who’s 16, a daughter who’s 13, and another daughter who’s 7. april 1st/2nd 2010 in the middle of the night my middle child called my mother, panicking, she revealed she’d been being sexually abused by her stepfather, my husband and father of my youngest child. I’ve been alone in my feelings of overwhelming misery for the past year, until i came across this website. We see therapists, psychologists and counselors. I even started to blog anonymously so that I had a safe place to vent, the average fb friend is just not that dedicated to hearing about anyones turmoil. Some can be downright rude. I took refuge on an anonymous blog site. when i came across your website the other day i posted this:
Omg, if only I had known of this websites existence a year ago, six months ago, yesterday. My God. I don’t feel completely alone in my tortured feelings and emotions. One of the first threads I came across had a response that was written on the page as though it was my own personal dialogue downloaded directly from my brain and displayed in in black and white, my language, a font that my browser can understand. This is the post I read from someones brain that has heard my thought.
I would desperately like to join your group.


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