Beer Bottle Caps Wanted

I am increasing aware of how difficult it’s gonna be to save the amount of beer bottle caps it will take to make the pixel picture art I want to make.

This is an official SOS (send out supplies) call for help. If anyone, anywhere happens to have a stash, be it small or super size, that they’d be willing to part with, your donatation would be put to good use. Not to mention that I would also be forever grateful of your generosity. SO PLEASE, ANYONE AND EVERYONE…SEND ME YOUR BEER BOTTLE CAPS!

Just comment that you’re interested and I’ll tell ya where to send them : )

Oh, and wish me luck. When I finish the piece I will post pictures and the names of any contributors that helped make it happen. (Any contributions/contributors that wish to remain anonymous will be noted only as anonymous.)


5 responses to “Beer Bottle Caps Wanted

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  2. I have a 3 gallon bag of many different bottle caps if you are interested. These are from many different breweries as I am always on the lookout for new beers at the liquor store. I started saving them about 8 years ago and have found three different artists that have used them over the years. Let me know if your interested and I can get them sent out to you.

    • Omg, Brian that would be awesome. I’ve been saving as many as I can get my hands on but the selection is very limited. It seems as though there are only like 6 hugely popular beers that the patrons of the bar I work at drink.
      So, to answer your question…yes, I’m very interested.

  3. I have beer bottle tops I have been collecting due to no recycling facility in my area will accept them . My husband drinks the better brands and I have a variety. If you want them I will be glad to send.

  4. my son has a bag of bottel caps and he would like to donate them.

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