10 Truths About Grief

10 Truths About Grief
APR. 27, 2011 By: Tej Shah

1. Grief can make you impulsive, because you realize just how precious life is. For short, powerful bursts of time, you think “fuck it” and book trips to Thailand.

2. Grief can make you a walking tempest, a ball of pure rage. You hate everything. You compare everyone. You begin to resent friends who are alive for not being the ones who are dead.

3. Grief can make Hollywood your life. You have an internal monologue for insignificant moments and create a soundtrack on iTunes, which you play when feeling particularly emo.

4. Grief can make you passionate and lethargic. You will never sleep as much, and as little, when grieving.

5. Grief can make you amazingly alone, but more claustrophobic and suffocated than ever. Everyone avoids you, yet everyone asks how you are.

6. Grief can make you search for anything that represents emotions you know are lurking somewhere inside you but are unable to articulate.

7. Grief can make you feel old, because you feel more than ever before, and young, because of how helpless you have become.

8. Grief can make you wallow in self-pity while feeling angry at others for doing the same. Everything is assimilated into your perspective.

9. Grief can make you obsessed with the well-being of everyone you love. Every ache should be seen to by a doctor –and every doctor has no clue what they’re doing.

10. Grief reminds you just how bittersweet life is, and brings back the fact that one day, if you’ve lived right, people will be grieving over you. For some reason, this is not scary at all.



2 responses to “10 Truths About Grief

  1. Grief can make your tummy rumble so loudly you only then realize you are hungry.
    Grief can take away all the taste in your mouth, so when you are eating a dried out burnt piece of toast it tastes no different than strawberries dipped in chocolate.
    Grief can cause you to sit in parking lots to cry or yell at the person who is no longer in your life.
    Grief can make little statements like, “My mom is on the phone,” into a punch in the gut, and the punches get harder, and you never know when they are coming.

  2. Grief is:
    The tingle in your fingers and an unsteady gait, the lightheaded dizziness from shallowed breaths you take.
    The heavyness of heart from a soul crushed down by fear, the deafening sounds of the ringing in your ears.
    The bodys lack of hunger and energy held at bay, the endless waves of nausiousness, a price the body will pay.
    The careless flipping through songs that radio stations play, the blistering sounds of a tune is radio roulettes betray.

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