Unleash the FURY


This is the picture that has sent me over the edge. While me and my children suffer daily my husband is enjoying his new found freedom. This is a picture of him and his cousin after enjoying a day at the beach. His cousin drove from upstate ny to vacation here and didn’t once concern herself as to the wellbeing of my children. Matter of fact, since this whole thing began, she hasn’t contacted me even once. Compassion is something she lacks.


2 responses to “Unleash the FURY

  1. I don’t care if this is “politically incorrect” or insensitive because I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT you or your life. Having a blog sometimes can be frustrating because people love or hate you, but they never see you.
    But, I don’t know if people are soul less, certainly some may be. Maybe he feels no guilt or remorse, like a sociopath, but those people are demented and live in a hell we could never touch.
    WHATEVER you think, no matter if you ever find out if it is true or not, you may not ever know, but that man puts his head down at night alone, and that man dies alone, just like us all. I would rather be the victim, that’s all I have to say. I would think that yes, it is unfair and sick and cruel, but you are healing while he is not even close to what will eventually destroy if it hasn’t already, the soul. One day, you will release even this. Isn’t that hard to believe? But, you will. ANY woman who does a blog like this, with this subject matter for the world to judge and see without hesitation, WILL rise.

  2. I am a woman who’s heart bleeds for my child (and children) who has been a victim of an evil revealed. I am a woman who’s heart bleeds for my husband who is a victim of an evil so vile, he cannot stand and account for his wrongs. Not before his peers and most importantly, not before himself. I don’t question his guilt, that is a burden held by his peers and our justice system. Regardless of his guilt, or lack there of, the man I married is only recognizable in our memories. The monster who has taken his place and flourished since is a stranger. From the moment my daughter revealed secrets she was never meant to tell, my husband, as I knew him for 12 years, all but vanished like a whisp of smoke. The man I loved assumed the position he seemingly had prepared himself for and vanished before my eyes, almost as though her revelation was a relief to him. Like he no longer had to continue a game of charades that was long over due. He is morbidly human. I can only hope that when he lays his head down at night a glimmer of memories of the lives he’s touched and the ones he’s mutilated may cross his mind. I miss him. I love him. I loathe the person he allowed himself to become. I grieve the loss of my husband and my childrens father. We were never given the peace that comes when a family lays a loved one to rest. He is just gone. We miss him and want him back but “he” is GONE. My heart cannot stop crying out in pain that my husband, my love, is forever GONE.

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