Revisiting some of my past facebook status updates

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


2 responses to “Revisiting some of my past facebook status updates

  1. Just gone through a break up myself, we should do a little co blogging webinar, singing “All By Myself,” with a bottle of wine in our granny panties like Bridget Jones. Sigh.
    I wish I could say all those brave bad ass words like “He didn’t deserve me,” and “I’ll go find someone worth loving me,” and “The real man of my dreams will accept me as I am.” No, I shall sit and eat ice cream cookies, hide my phone in the closet and go in circles over if I should be on meds.
    Love is a bitch.

    • Omg, you sound like me. Its not been easy and I don’t suspect it will be getting easy any time soon around here. I figure, if we’re gonna have to do time in an emotional hell we might as well do it all now. I fear if I don’t, it will show up later in some other weird form of acting out, like hoarding or eating paper or something, lol. My motto is: if we’re gonna have to do “it” (the seemingly never ending therapist appts and the late night crying in the shower till the water runs cold) than we’re gonna do the hell out of “it”. Btw, crying in the shower is usually not such a bad thing until you realize that you’ve cried in the shower ever night for the past week and it is hard as hell to shave your underarms when you can’t see through your tears. This was a moment that went from crying to laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. I thought, what the hell, my world has exploded and I can’t even get a clean shave on my underpits. Oh, the irony.

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