Wisdom :If you can’t remember who you really are, remember who you want to be.

adaptordie asked:
You tumbl’d 2 days ago a pic: Remember who you really are.

Question: what if you never really knew who you are to begin with? Or, what if who you really are is so intertwined with someone else….who’s no longer there or was never really there to begin with? What if you keep remembering who you really thought you were and are in a constant struggle with the reality that this “you” you identify with was real, but only to you and the other part that validated this “you” is no longer real? Idk, I’m confused. I liked me before. Now I hate the me I’ve become without the fake foundation that the me I liked was dependant upon to exist. Wtf!

Me & Zibby were talking about this when she stayed over on the weekend. Like, how people act like other people they are around or become different people & when the people they’re around turn out fake, they don’t know what to do. If you can’t remember who you really are, remember who you want to be. You used the word foundation, so I’ll go with that-The blueprints of a mansion exist before the foundation & structure are built. The foundation may have been faulty, that doesn’t make the house less beautiful. You wouldn’t sell a beautiful home because the foundation fell apart; you’d move out for awhile, do some decision making & fix the foundation. You knew what you wanted to become before that foundational person was there, they just enabled you to do it, now that the foundation is broken & gone, you’re still there. You just need some repairs. Posted at 1:35 AM Permalink ∞



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