How to tell if a Guy is a jerk


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Is He a Good Talker or a Good Man? I’ve received a few comments and emails recently from women who have been manipulated by not so great guys! This quote came to my mind… “A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker; and a man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.” Too often women listen to a man and fall for his manipulative words. Many of us are trusting and want to believe what we hear. Some women want to believe the good in another so badly that they don’t see what is really going on. And, some women want to hear how wonderful they are, they need othersto validate their worth, and they want the ego boost that comes from hearing words of devotion and adoration. But, words do not equate with truth. There are plenty of guys who know how to say the right words but who have little idea what it takes to be a truly great man. A good man does more than talk the talk… he walks the walk. It takes time to know what a guy is really about and it takes conscious effort to know when one is being manipulated. Stay alert. Notice those red flags. Listen to your gut! Don’t fall for a guy just because he knows how to pretend to be a great guy… words are not enough! You want a truly fabulous man, not just a guy who knows how to talk!


2 responses to “How to tell if a Guy is a jerk

  1. I so agree. I wonder what percentage of first marriages end because the guy, or girl, liked what she saw visually and figured he or she could work with and mold the rest. I bet its double digits. Great thoughts.

  2. This one is still hard for me and it seems like dating is so messed up these days. When you first meet someone the only thing you have to go on is what they say. Only time reveals ones true motives so the only thing I know how to do is go very very slow. That way I can judge a persons character by their actions before I go getting myself to emotionally invested. I wish it was easier. Thanks for the comment Pharphelonus.

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