Hot Sagittarius

November 22 through December 21

Weekend Update:
Mar 25, 2011

Stay focused on a personal goal this Friday. With the moon winding through Sagittarius until nighttime, cosmic forces are conspiring in your favor. It’s an excellent day for pitching projects and ideas. Ask for a little more than you think you can get. It’s better to overshoot the mark and negotiate down than to shortchange yourself on the front end. Later that night, the moon settles into Capricorn and your house of budgeting, income, and financial planning for the remainder of the weekend. This is a half moon and a natural place in the lunar cycle to assess your current monetary position. It takes money to make money, so look at where you’re investing your hard-earned cash. While luxuries are nice, you may need to cap your spending therein and flow more funds towards experiences that make you more marketable in the job field. When you’re earning more cash, you can drip in diamonds without draining your savings. Til’ then, patience and persistence pay off. If you haven’t done your tax planning yet, this is the weekend to crunch the numbers. Could you become a better financial planner overall? Take a look at your budget for the rest of 2011. If you need to earn more in order to cover costs it’s better to know that so you can up the ante on your ambitions, or cut back expenses to balance things out. On the personal front, loveplanet Venus makes a shift on Sunday into your sector of cozy, intimate bonding. More private time is what your love life needs, so find ways to get your sweetie alone between now and April 21. Your nurturing nature comes to the fore, which is great in measured doses. Monitor that though, or you could go from “Sexy Mama” to just plain “Mommy” in your lover’s eyes. Not hot, Sagittarius.

– Horoscopes provided by The AstroTwins



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