Family For The Abused and Abandonded

Yesterday, I spent my afternoon enjoying beautiful weather and good wine with my best friends. There is nothing like good conversation with my favorite people. With everyone’s busy schedules, these times have become few and far between. I have learned to thoroughly appreciate a few hours with my girls. I observed things a little deeper today, and noticed little things that make us more than friends. We are more like family; sisters. As M walked into my kitchen, she went straight to the cabinet where the wineglasses are kept, pulled out 3, one specifically was the one she knew I preferred. This seemingly automatic gesture is something most people would overlook. Today, I saw deep meaning in it. H settled down at the dining room table, quickly becoming engrossed in a jigsaw puzzle my family has been working on, another indicator of how relaxed we all are together. The fact that we all feel totally comfortable with each other calling down the random misbehaving child, regardless of whom the child belongs to, was another thing. Speaking of the children, they all feel equally at home in any of our houses. That always puts a smile on my face. The topic of conversation ranged from my sister’s recent cancer diagnosis to M’s boyfriend moving in (and how intensely “in like” they are) to H’s many social observations and experiments that occur during her daily shifts at a bar and grill. The talk was varied greatly from one moment to the next. During the 4 or 5 hours they were here, we shared laughter, tears, shock, and God knows what else. It was good stuff. These girls are my constant confidantes, my forever friends. When I feel all alone, I know they are the ones who will keep me company while I’m going through whatever it is bringing me down, and likewise I’m there with them when they need me. I’m at a point in my life where these friendships are sometimes all I have tethering me to reality. I’m so blessed to have them.


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