Sunday night at the Voodoo


What an awesome discovery this little place was, and completely by accident at that. Its a place where I lounged on a tiger stripe printed sectional couch under exceptionally dim lighting with a few friends and enjoyed music that is not in circulation (atleast in that order) on anyones ipod. The patrons of the voodoo were overwhelmingly Hipsteresque in appearance, and for the most part kept to themselves, enjoying their conversation and/or intense PDA. Had the lighting been just a touch brighter we may have had to pay a cover charge as we were sitting in the viewing area of one couple that was so in love that they might have consumed one another orally had it not been for the bravery of a waitress reminding them at regular intervals to breathe. I loved their love and oddly enough was simultaneously nauseated by it. The food was delish and my company was delightful. All in all, I had a great evening… and I found a new favorite nook…or cranny. Either way, I’ll be heading back to the Voodoo asap.


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