No Longer A Victim has A Place For Survivors

End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation
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Someone I love was abused. They chose to stop their personal hell, and came out & became a hero, a survivor. Them being so courageous and coming forward caused more people I know to acknowledge or confess secrets of abuse to me that, otherwise, would not have come to light. The bravery of one person helped other people let go of things that they held in for years. Now, imagine what the bravery of, say, my *** followers could do. Could it prevent children from being molested? If every one of you prevented or stopped abuse for just one child, that’s over a hundred of children saved. That is changing the world.

I’m not asking you to do anything that is difficult. I am not asking you to stand in front of an abortion clinic protesting, I’m not asking you to rally against gay marriage in Washington, D.C. What I’m asking is not radical, it is not political, it is not religious. What I’m asking is that you stand up & do what is right. You are completely capable of doing that from where you sit, reading this, right now. I’m asking you to get pissed off & take a stand for something-not simply helping children in need of it, but helping the future. Abused kids grow up & become adults.

Please follow this tumblr profile as it is exceptionally close to my heart. Also, it is a wonderful example of the next generation of adults becoming proactive in their youth. If more 15yr olds spent even ½ their idle time like the one who’s tumblr blog I posted, than there’s no question that the possibilities for positive change are limitless. Kudos to this BRAVE young lady. I’m sure she is, and always will be a leader in a world of way to many followers.

Please share her link on any and all of your social sites. Facebook, twitter, wordpress, stumbleupon, tumblr and the countless other sites out there. If her message reaches even one child in crisis, then there is a possibility that 1 child can be saved from the pain and suffering of CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE.

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