Character of the day! March 2nd, 2010

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Todays COTD is a 37-year-old cook by the name of Chad. He came into the bar a few minutes before closing with his friend (?collin, I think?) To drink a few beers. All in all he was a pretty nice guy. We chatted for a bit while I finished rolling the last of the silverware. His friend is a DJ at some clubs downtown and was a pretty cool guy.
Ok, I’m gonna cut to the chase and get to the point… both of these fellows are apparently regulars at all 4 bars owned by my employer. They know many of the employees, past and present, from all 4 and are up on the latest gossip. That alone would strike me as odd, but the thing that I’ve found to be the true oddity is that this seems to be the rule and not the exception. I feel like every customer (which are numerous) knows everyone and everything and has been around in most cases longer than most employees. Am I in the flippen twilight zone or something. What the hell. I feel like one of the cast of characters on a cheesy soap opera. Seriously, is this normal? Do all bars operate this way?  If anyone out there has some insight on this, Please share it with me. 

Side Note: Chad gave me the scoop on a previous employee from 3 years earlier who was just wrapping up her short-lived but documented for eternity career as a porn star. WTF, ewww! I don’t want my drinks served by hands that have been places that could possibly transmit some STD. My drink has no business mixin and mingling with hands that could never possibly be sanitized enough to be considered “clean”.


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