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Its kind of funny to miss someone that has molested you but…I dont miss the guy that molested me I miss the guy that I thought was my my dad!…I miss the guy that has been my dad since I was 2 fucking years old! Now im 13 years old how could someone ever do anything so discusting and twisted!? But I miss how in the morning…when I wake up for school…I could smell his coffee going and I can hear channel 5 news… and him walking in and out the front door and the garage door going up and down. Just hearing him up and going I also miss how when we would clean he would take the foam window cleaner and go outside and write I love you ❤ on the glass door. Things like that I miss what I dont miss is the real him the guy that molested me…he was ballsy enough to touch me and make me horrified to even come home sometimes…so much that I would lock my door when I go to sleep so he cant come in my room to touch me because its not right! Its unfair! There is no way that it could ever be fair no matter how much I try and push it to the back of my head its always going to be there burning and making the emotions worse…


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