It’s rare when a photo takes my breath away but, today, this beautiful capture has done just that. Viewed over 48,000 times and favorited over 2,200 times at Flickr, this photo by Reykjavík, Iceland-based graphic designer Vilhjálmur Ingi Vilhjálmsson is undeniably beautiful. After receiving so much attention over it, Vilhjálmsson felt as though he needed to provide its background story. “In 2006, me and my girlfriend were on a vacation in Croatia on the island of Brac,” he says. “We were having a nice day on the beach walking along the coastline when I noticed this girl standing on a rock quite close to the ocean. She stood there and didn’t move and she seemed so lonely. I had fallen some distance behind my girlfriend that was walking ahead of me so I only took this one photo of the girl as I walked by, I never saw her face. I rushed to catch up with my girlfriend and we had walked some distance when I looked back and the girl was still standing there. “A while ago I finally decided what I wanted to do with the photo and the end result is what you see here. I made the picture from the emotion I was getting from it. I put in the black background and the shaft of light and it just felt somehow right that way.”


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