Banish the Strip club Bachelor Party for the good of humanity.

My idea of a fantastic Exotic Stripper looks much like this picture.

The Samurai Stripper

Ban strip clubs. It seems odd that americans celebrate the beginning of a new and exclusive union between two people by spending their last single moments seperate from eachother and in an enviroment that focuses on anything but honesty and exclusivity in relationships as well as underminds the core values of "family".

The bachelor party is an outdated tradition and in great need of a makeover. It seems rediculous to me that a husband to be, before vowing to love, honor, respect, and protect his future wife and their union, to go get as drunk as possible (aka: the opposite of the vows) at an establishment where women, who statistically have been victimized at some point in their short life, will entertain Mr. Soon-to-be-husband and friends by shedding her clothes and doing anything and everything to arouse, tempt, seduce, and in my opinion, create a very false impression of what marriage will be like. The now highly intoxicated crew, filled with lust, testosterone and unrealistic ideals of women, leave with their newly ingrained expectations and eventually touch down back here in the real world.

So, when Ms. Engagement-ring-to-be-jealous-of supports this bachalor party ritual, what message is to be learned by Mr. Soon-to-be-wed regarding expectations of acceptable marital behaivors:

1) Drink, drink, drink. The more the better. Drink so much in such a short span of time you could actually die isn't a frowned upon and dangerous idea, its celebrated.

2) Watching a woman submissively strip down to nothing in front of me while other aroused men stand by and watch, then having her devote all of her attention solely on me with the goal of arousing me as much as humanly possible in attempts to garner the biggest tip possible IS indeed highly arousing. Heck, the ego boost from the onlookers alone is possibly more erotic than the scantly clad, glitter covered, sex simulating battered soul dancing her way to payday for me.

3) Sex=woman=money?!?!

Jus' say'n

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