Martin Loofah King Lasagna is Delish!

2 responses to “1/17/2011

  1. You know what makes me smile?
    A “like” that leads me to a blog I adore.

    I never find blogs I just wait to hear more and I can’t wait to subscribe 🙂


    • What a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much. This is my first attempt at blogging and I’m still feeling my way around, but I have no doubt that I will find my niche. And after reading your blog, and laughing my butt off, I feel even more inspired to hone the art of the blog. Ps. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only girl who’s dealing with duo(d)chery. Its almost as if men are inadvertantly trying to replace a product that was phased out years ago. Why? They heard it involves the vagina. Lmao, what a bunch of misguided dutchys. Btw, your blog is hilarious and can’t wait to read more.

      Good Luck and All the Best to ya elovie,

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