Not another Douche Bag!

The Dating Game

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 I am not divorced yet, a sentence I’ve choked out a time or two before and feel morally obligated to do again. That is, until, it’s no longer the reason for my current state of psychosis. With only a few short months away from The Big Day (D-Day) I’ve decided to while away the hours by stretching my wings just to see what this dating thing is all about. After all, I haven’t ‘dated’ in more than 10 years and more realistically, I’ve never really “dated” at all. I went from single to married with children in a White Trash Minute. Until recently, the only dating I’ve done was with my future husband/s to be (and for those taking count, I’ve been married twice, divorced only but once. I know…shocking right.) 

I admit, I’m new to this whole “dating just to date” business. Fear not, i’m dedicated to the idea of dating… to discover who I am, what I want, what kinda fish there are out there in the great big ol’ sea and how many pellets can I ping off them before im forced to wade near the shore. Oh, I should also recite the other reason for dating to date, The Fun of It. At least that’s the reason I’ve subscribed to so that I won’t be taken to a back alley and flogged to death by my ever-expanding and inordinately bright cohort. 

This “idea” seems to have turned up a bit of a problem for yours truly. Ok, so I am learning a lot about who I am, grea-ttt…learning new stuff. And I’m also learning a lot about what I DON’T want, woohoo…it must be my day. But, im severely deficient in the “Having FUN” department. Ahem… Is it just me… ahem? Not likely. Is it interesting? Absolutely. Maybe even shocking? Yep. How about expensive? It hasn’t been cheap. But has it been FUN? Meh…Not as of Yet!

I’m dedicating this category to detailing (or just the occasional highlights of) the “Interesting” experiences I’ve been so luckily blessed by.

BTW, I’ve coined a new term in honor of the overwhelming number of gentlemen who’ve shared with me, in short time and quite unexpectedly, some of the most intimate images of their favorite family member. I call these images…. DICTURES!

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  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts

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